We Guide Differently.

Trutta Guides offers a unique fly fishing experience. We're not full-time guides, which leads to a more focused, hands-on guiding approach. Catering to those who want to improve their skills on the water, we offer instruction for beginners and professionals alike.

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Euro-Nymphing Instruction

From beginner to advanced, we can help you get the most out of our competition-tested skillsets.

Dry Fly Tactics

Trout rising? Nothing better. Our guides can help you improve your dry fly fishing technique.

Stillwater (loch)

Interested in catching fish in lakes? Our guides are experts when it comes to stillwater tactics.

Priceless Memories

A guided trip is an easy way to create memories, spend time with family or friends, and have a blast!

How it works

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Trutta Guides is not an outfitter service, but a group of guides providing excellent service, instruction, and a fun time. 

We'd be happy to help set up a trip, but the easiest way to book a trip is by contacting a guide directly.

Our Guides

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Our guides will work with your schedule to book your trip.

Our guides may require a deposit between $50-100 to secure your spot.

Let that cold water and wild trout anticipation sink in.

Our Rates

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Our guides will be in contact with you, then again within a week of your scheduled trip to discuss details to provide you with the most desirable experience.

Payment will be collected at the end of your trip.

What do I need?

Our rates

Tips appreciated!

Please note: It is the guide's discretion for time on the water. We're not a 14-hour day guide service. Deposit may be required for certain guides.


$275 1-2 Anglers

  • 3-5 Hours Guided Fly Fishing
  • Rods & Reels Included
  • All Flies & Tackle Included
  • Friendly Banter


$375 1-2 Anglers

  • 6-8 Hours Guided Fly Fishing
  • Streamside Lunch Included
  • Rods & Reels Included
  • All Flies & Tackle Included
  • Friendly Banter

What do I need?

We'll supply most things, but there's a couple items you'll need to bring for your trip.

  • Waders - Some guides may have extra pairs, but bringing your own waders is almost always a must.
  • Wading Boots - Some guides may have extra pairs, but bringing your own wading boots is almost always a must.
  • Wading Belt - For safety!
  • Warm Clothing / Sun Protective Clothing - Our guides can help you select clothing depending on the weather.
  • Rain Jacket - If rain or wind is in the forecast, a rain jacket is a must.
  • Polarized Sunglasses - These are a must, all the time!

What if you want to bring your own rod/tackle? You certainly can, we'll work with whatever you'd prefer.

The Guides

Rich Fererra

Head Guide / "The most pleasant human" - everyone
Anita, PA

With 24+ years of fly fishing experience and 5+ years of competitive fly fishing under his belt, Rich brings a wealth of knowledge to share with his clients. Rich is one of the most meticulous and thoughtful anglers on the water, but the way he masterfully articulates his teachings really sets him apart. An accomplished river and stillwater fisherman, Rich is a great choice for anyone looking to have a great time while learning a boat-load.

  • Favorite River System: Big Hole River, MT
  • Favorite Fly: Drab Walts Worm
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Dogz w/ chili, onions, ketchup, and jalapeños
Fish with Rich!

Tracey McAfoos

Guide / Keeper of Rich's Beard
Anita, PA

On top of 10+ years fishing experience and 5 years of competitive fly fishing experience, Tracey provides a patient and masterful approach to angling. Adding to her well-roundedness, she and Rich fished numerous rivers and lakes all over the United States. She spends the bulk of her time fishing the waterways in central and western Pennsylvania.

  • Favorite River System: Penns Creek
  • Favorite Fly: Frenchie
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Cold Brew Coffee
Fish with Tracey!

Nick Meloy

Guide / Co-owner of Trutta Goods / OG Mop Fisherman
Roaring Spring, PA

A successful day for Nick is figuring out how to maximize the number of trout put in the net. This mentality, paired with 5 years of competition experience translates well to his approach: a simple and thoughtful methodology to increase angling ability. His instruction would cover advanced or beginner euro-nymphing tactics, tactical dry fly fishing, fly fishing approach, or competition instruction. Nick guides and fishes primarily on famous river systems in Central, PA.

  • Favorite River System: Little Juniata River
  • Favorite Fly: France Fly
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Smoked Sausage Bunz
Fish with Nick!

Raymond Cianni

Guide / Pronounces it "wooter" / Co-Owner of Trutta Goods
New Hope, PA

Ray fishes with intensity and tries to constantly learn and challenge himself. He asks the right questions and figures things out right away. Ray has been evolving his fly fishing career for 17 years while competing for 5 of those. Ray is a tremendous helper, so helping to improve your fly fishing journey would be right in Ray's wheelhouse. He might even bring you a Cheesesteak. "Whiz Wit"

  • Favorite River System: Rule #1 of Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club
  • Favorite Fly: Rainbow Warrior
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Do they sell Wawa Hoagies here?
Fish with Ray!

Ross Dixon

Guide / Dry Fly Enthusiast / Allergic to Bees
Laughlintown, PA

You'll learn a lot really quickly with Ross's guidance. No one knows exactly why, but we think it's his fun-loving, goofy, and easy-going personality. Ross found his own style of fly fishing over the past 20 years, 5 years of competition fly fishing helping with that, a simple and minimalist approach that just brings loads of fish into his net. If you want to learn a lot, laugh for most of the trip, and create lasting memories, Ross is your guide.

  • Favorite River System: Any Brookie Stream
  • Favorite Fly: Orange Stimulator
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Dogz w/ kraut, onion, relish, cheddar, ketchup, and mustard
Fish with Ross!

Dave Ferruggia

Guide / Wears Aeropostale Waders / Catches Hogs
Bernardsville, NJ / Easton, PA

Dave grew up fly fishing the Upper Delaware River system in the 1980s and 90s, where he learned to fish, guide and tie under some of the more notable names in American Fishing. He has guided on the bigger Western Rivers, and some of the smallest Spring Creeks of the Northeast. He enjoys blending the traditional, entomological approach of the old school, with modern techniques and styles to cover a wide variety of fisheries and situations. Did we mention Dave has a knack for catching giant wild brown trout? He's our resident hog enthusiast.

  • Favorite River System: East Branch of the Delaware
  • Favorite Fly: France Fly
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Michael Kors Chicken Sandwich
Fish with Dave!

John "Tooch" Tucci

Guide / Has a huge Van / "Probably the best" - everyone
Northwest NJ

You'll never meet another human quite like Tooch. Patience, thoughtfulness, banter, and more banter define time with John. With 4 decades of fly fishing experience along with 5 years of competitive fly fishing, Tooch strives to continuously learn new tactics and genuinely enjoys helping people of all ages and ability catch fish! The Van is also worth every penny.

  • Favorite River System: Broadhead Creek to it’s confluence with Delaware River
  • Favorite Fly: Euro Pheasant Tail
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: “Cowboy” Burger
Fish with Tooch!

Ben Ayers

Guide / Enjoys Burn Barrels
Duncansville, PA

Ben is all about the outdoor experience. An outdoorsman his entire life, you can catch Ben in the woods or on the stream exploring during his free time. Ben has adapted a skillset over the past 20 years to effectively find and catch fish, pairing nicely with his easy-going and whimsical personality. Time on the water with Ben provides a unique angling perspective, lots of laughs, and lots of trout.

  • Favorite River System: Yellow Creek (The good one)
  • Favorite Fly: France Fly
  • Favorite Sheetz Menu Item: Grilled Chicken Pretzel Meltz
Fish with Ben!

Need help?

Reaching out to a guide directly is the best way to set up a trip, but we can certainly help too.