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If you're anything like me, tying a lot of flies, or even keeping up with your fly boxes, could feel like it's a second job. As a competitive angler (when we were really crankin' out the tournaments), a part-time guide, and avid recreational tree snagger, I go through a boat load of flies. You may empathize with this, or maybe you just like to have a full fly box. If you love tying flies and you think I sound crazy, this article is probably not for you, but I envy you! With all aspects of life, other hobbies, actual career, and maximizing my...

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Guest Writer: Rich Ferarra In this article I’m going to go into detail on some of the things I do both on the water and behind the vise to be better organized.  Please don’t take what I say here as gospel. Just because these things work for me does not mean they’ll work for everyone. Also, not everything here is vital to success.  I find having a good system of organization makes decision making a bit easier on the water as well as makes the tying process more streamlined.   I’ll start with my tungsten nymph organization.  I organize all...

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